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Our next conference: the 7th annual San Francisco conference, January 18-19, 2020!
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Unbiased surrogacy parenting advice and support for gay men worldwide!


MHB offers monthly workshops and annual seminars in NYC, and teams up with LGBT parenting associations to provide annual conferences in San Francisco, Taipei, Chicago, Florida, Toronto, Tel Aviv and Brussels. Our conferences provide unparalleled opportunities to get unbiased information, access a wide range of relevant service providers, and connect with others going through the surrogacy process.
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Our exclusive directory has comprehensive profiles (inc. videos) of over 100 providers, and we also feature ratings, reviews and reported costs for dozens of surrogacy agencies and clinics. The data is based on hundreds of responses to our Parenting Survey (available in 4 languages!).


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Gay men as a category face significant obstacles in their quest for parenting, not the least of which is financial. Our Gay Parenting Assistance Program provides grants to gay men who require assistance in their parenting journey, and matches them with free or discounted services offered by our partners.
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Together with our partners worldwide we advocate for the legal and institutional structures necessary to ensure equal access to ethical surrogacy. We host The Advocacy and Research Forum at our conferences, assist in academic studies and raise awareness about
surrogacy with the help of the first ever Surrogacy Speakers Bureau.

Collaborating organizations

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