Fertility Authority features our network in a report titled "Gay Parenting Information Sources Growing"

The major portal Fertility Authority published a story on the way prospective gay parents deal with the logistical, legal, practical and emotional questions they face in their surrogacy journeys. It deals with how concerns tend to differ for American versus European prospective parents, and the resources available to deal with what may seem as an overwhelming process. The article mentions our workshops and seminars, including the upcoming European Men Having Babies seminar this April in Barcelona. Read More...

Le premier séminaire et salon de "Men Having Babies" est prévu le 29 avril 2012

European LGBT Families Conference
"Men Having Babies" séminaire sur le thème de la GPA et notre salon sur l'homoparentalité sont organisés dans le cadre d'une réunion de familles homoparentale de quatre jours à Barcelone en Espagne.

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer notre séminaire sur le thème de la GPA et notre salon sur l'homoparentalité qui se tiendront le 29 avril 2012 à Lloret del Mar, près de Barcelone en Espagne. Ces évènements sont organisés dans le cadre d'une conférence et d'une réunion de familles homoparentales organisés par NELFA, le réseau européen de familles LGBT. Read More...

Update: second parent adoption tax credit

In our recent meeting some questions were asked about the amount and terms of the adoption tax credit LGBT parents can receive in the 2011 and 2012 tax years. We asked attorney Melissa Brisman to provide clarifications. It appears that in the 2012 tax year the amount is slightly lower and cannot be used to get a refund if you do not owe taxes, but for the first time the credit can be carried forward for additional 5 years. Read More...